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The Worst Renditions Of The National Anthem…Ever?


Our National Anthem is a beautiful song…

But a hard song.

With difficult lyrics to memorize and sing, especially with a stadium of thousands watching you.

Which is why there are so many horrible, horrible renditions of the Anthem out there.

It’s kind of one of my guilty pleasures, to rank these from Worst to Really Worst.

This might give you a smile, it always does to me.

And to kick off the Worst of the Worst list, we have to go with the King himself…

I’m talking about you, Carl Lewis.

For my money, nothing will ever beat Carl Lewis’s “UH OH!” or “I’ll make up for it now!” but Fergie gives him a good challenge.

Watch for yourself and enjoy a little laugh:

You gotta love all the players at the end cracking up when it ended and I think to this day Carl may still be doing that wave sound with his voice…

So good.

I didn’t realize until rewatching it today it was actually during one of Jordan’s games.

Carl, how did you do my boy Michael like that?

You don’t bring THAT presentation to a 90’s Bulls game!

And then we enter the lounge for terrible Anthem #2:

It’s a revered song, our National Anthem….not a jazz ditty in a boozy bar Fergie!

You’re not Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK!

And ok…here is one more bonus terrible rendition.

This honor goes to Cuba Gooding, Sr. and oh my is it terrible…

You know when the headline compares you to Carl Lewis you’re in rare company.

Bad company.

My man sang this like he was late to catch a plane!


And since we did the worst, it’s only fair to show you what might be the best next.

Here is Ginger Gaetz and, yes, she’s related to Matt…they are married!

Now prepare to be blown away…

Watch here:

And a backup saved to Rumble in case that gets taken down:

I’ve watched several times.

Incredible job Ginger!


Last, to wrap it up we’ve done Worst, Best and now let’s do Serious.

Serious and sentimental.

Because this truly is great.

Watch this flashback from last year as Brianna Fernandez from the NYPD starts the Anthem and then tosses it to the crowd to sing in unison.


Absolutely wonderful, except for a few of the players who either don’t know the words or think they’re above singing.

But for everyone else this may be the most heartwarming thing you’ll see in quite a while.

I’ve already watched many times.

Oh, and Memo to the NFL: you finally got one right.

THIS is what fans want.

Stop the Woke BS and try more of this.

You might just find we actually start watching your games again.

Please enjoy:

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