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Hank Kunneman…2023


Longtime readers of WLT may be VERY surprised to see this.

Yes, I am posting a Hank Kunneman video.

I know, I’m just as shocked as you are.

But this popped up in my YouTube feed and I was curious enough to listen.

And it was quite an incredible 20 minute clip.

This is Hank Kunneman from his special New Year’s Eve service where he gave a prophecy of what will come in 2023.

I’m not going to rehash the issues I have with Hank Kunneman in this article.

I’ve covered those many times before.

You can search old articles if you want to find them.

“Issues” isn’t even fair, it was one issue that I will wish he would just address but he refuses to do so.

But I listened to this and I thought to be fair to Hank I will post this and everyone can watch and see what he says will come in 2023.

And then we can just see how closely he heard from the LORD?

If he nails it, I’ll be the first to say well done.

Watch here:

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Backup saved to Rumble for safe-keeping:

We’ll revisit in January 2024!

Love to get your thoughts…

Do you trust Hank Kunneman?

Do you want to hear more from him?


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